Director and Curator

Steven Humenski (2013 - Present)


Conductor in Residence

Jim Winchell (2016 - Present)

Bobby Frey (2013 - 2015)


Founder and Director Emeritus

Jeff Reynolds


Past Directors

1999 - 2013 Doug Shabe

1998 - Matt Varho

1996 - 1997 - Jim Webb

1993 - 1995 - Rob Smit

1965 - 1992 - Jeff Reynolds


 In the middle of the 1700’s, the  Unitas Fratrum (or Moravian Church) was headquartered in Germany and  before that Czechoslovakia. It was at this time that missionaries were  sent out to many parts of the world, including America. Being the  world’s oldest Protestant denomination, it follows that it would have  some long-standing traditional elements. One major element of Moravian  worship is music, both vocal and instrumental. The trombone choir was  transported from German to American Moravian churches starting in 1754. A set of instruments was supplied to each newly established congregation.

      Founded in 1965 by Jeff Reynolds, the Moravian Trombone Choir of Downey is one of the most active all-trombone choirs in the world and has served a unique role in The Moravian Church.  The repertoire consists primarily of chorales, sonatas and occasional music mostly from the renaissance and the baroque.  In January of 2013, a Board of Directors was founded to serve as the governing body of the group. ​

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